Monday, July 12, 2010


I am going to post some cards that I have made recently. I figured it was about time to show my work via blog!

These cards are a set that I made for my mom to give to a couple of my younger brother's friends. They all graduated this year. My brothers friends mom gave my brother a 20 dollar bill and a 10 cent piece in his card for 2010! This is what I came up with for Ezra and Miles. Saranac Lake's school colors are Red and white. After I made these I found some better themed paper for the schools colors.

One of the other blogs there was a fruit challenge. Here is the card I made.

I used my cricut to make a really quick card using the Life is a Beach cartridge:

I also had an engagement card to send out to a friend for her engagement party I couldn't make.

For a birthday that same week I made a little girl some paper dolls. My boyfriend drew the faces on them. There was also a basket that I made with insperation from Sarah at Pink Cricut. If you get the chance visit her ( She's always up to something!

Thats all of them I am going to post for now. If you have me as a friend on facebook or you join my group. You can see more of my work there! :)
Thanks for looking!

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  1. I came to check out your blog!! :) So excited for you!! Thank you for giving me a shout-out!! :)