Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I had a bit of a dry spell...buuuuuut tons of projects for you to see!!!

So everyone....I have been out of touch lately, and had a crafting dry spell....more or less...STUCK IN A HUUUUUUUUGE RUT! So recently, I did some holiday blog hops...saw tons of awesome things. Check out the people I follow and you will probably be able to find some nice inspirational ideas!! One inspirational idea I got was doing coasters. I went to my local hardware store (the one that usually has just about everything. Well they didn't have coaster size tile so we had to deal with hot plate sized tiles. Fine by us, it would be a little bit bigger than coasters, and each person would get one, for a hot plate or decoration.  So here it is (and I have labled each one as far as who made it since my friend and I made a bunch together (well 8 of them).

Made by Carrie:

 Made by Carrie:
 Made by Carrie
 Made by Carrie:
 Made by me
 Made by me
< also made by me
  My favorite of them all!!!  I made this one second.....
 Sooo...then I had to do something (like I do every year) for school pictures for family.  I picked up these frames from the dollar store.  Cut out Owen's name with my cricut.  Used the paper inside to mat his picture.  framed it all up distressed the wood on the frame some and it was good to go...each one is a little different just like each set of Great Grandparents these ones will go to!!

 This one is one of the pictures for the Grandparents.
 This is the other one....came out extremely similar...I just made some distressing changes between the both of them.  I really wanted to use stickles really bad buuuuuuuuuuuut I am sure that would have made a boy frame turn pretty girlie quick like!

So, to say there are a couple of quick simple (inexpensive) gift ideas that I am pretty sure people will love and cherish since they are homemade and from the hart-makes me happy.
One last project I have worked on for Owen's teacher came out really cute!
This was pre- i*Rock.  :)
 This is post i*Rock.  I rather have the i*Rock's on it than not.  Came out sooooooo cute and I hope she likes it!!!

Well thats what I have for now!!!

I made a card and an explosion box, but they haven't had a photo shoot yet!  Those will come next!!
Amee :)

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  1. Everything is so cute! I'm already racking by brain trying to think of who I could make a fun clipboard for! lol