Saturday, March 5, 2011

My first vinyl.

I am posting from my phone so please be patient!  This was my 1st attempt at vinyl.  Not bad if I do say so myself!  The cut is from the newest circle member cartridge...cricut everyday.  I was so happy to see this phrase.  I have a grandmother who use to quilt.  She has unfortunatly stopped because of the progression of ALS.  She use to have a wonderful sewing room.  One sign that I always loved in there was "She who dies with the most fabric wins!" 
I love the color and look that came with this and for my itty bitty scrap spot this was the best place.  Next project is the two canteens that are here.  I think we are going to put the key lime vinyl on Nick's, and white on mine.  I plan on decorating my cricut too.  I think I just found a whole new addiction!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed this quick post.



  1. Hey Amee, I left a blog award for you over on my blog. Come on over to pick it up.

  2. Very fun. I have fallen in love with vinyl so I get it.